About Us


Located on Main Street in Kingfield, Maine we're a retail shop that sells alpaca products. Our venture started in 2003 when we purchased our first alpacas and started our farm, Sugarloaf Alpacas. We quickly learned how desireable a product alpaca fiber makes and the demand for those products. We initially went to fairs and functions with our animals and alpaca products for sale. The demand was so great that in 2007 we purchased a building on Main Street in Kingfield, Maine and started our shop, Mainely Alpaca.  Our first season has been a terrific success and we're looking forward to many more. 

We welcome you to visit our shop. Buy something if you'd like; just look around if you'd like; just check out all the photos if you'd like; come talk "alpaca" if you'd like.

Kimberly A. Gandy
Mainely Alpaca LLC
405 Main St.
Kingfield, ME

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